Sunday, 9 March 2008

Off to the APS

This week I will be in New Orleans for the 2008 American Physical Society March meeting, which is basically the biggest condensed matter meeting worldwide, probably only the German physical Society meeting comes close, but with more than 7000 participants and a conference handbook that has a worse carbon footprint than a coal fired power plant, the APS is on another scale.

I already arrived in New Orleans last night, or more like this morning. The trip from Heathrow was pretty trouble free, apart from sitting down on the plane in Chicago, only to be told of a braking problem and thus the need to change planes.

Walking around today, mostly in the French quarter, there was no obvious impression left from the devastation that hurricane Katrina caused, though apparently many people are still waiting to be re-housed. On the way from the airport we did drive past the superdome, which was the home for many people during and after the hurricane had passed.

I wont be reporting most of what goes on here, but you can keep close tabs on the PhysicsWorld blog to keep up with the going's on.

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